About Us

Müvet is all about convenience. There is nothing more inconvenient than having to move something and not having a vehicle that's big enough. At Müvet, we've taken care of that inconvenience for you. Our on-demand service is available 24/7, quick and capable of moving just about anything at a low rate.

Why Müvet?

Background Checked and Insured

Müvet connects you with background checked helpers. Müvet also holds a multimillion dollar insurance policy to protect your items from damage.

On-Demand Service

Use us when you need us. Never pay a subscription fee - only pay for what you use.

Lightning Fast

Müvet is On-Demand, 27/4 and available whenever you need it. Beyond Convenience Müvet is cost efficient. No more outrageous fees and bills to get things where you need them.


It doesn't matter if you need a TV brought down the street or a couch moved across town. Müvet is there to help.

Item Tracking with Müvet history

Whether you're moving a box or your favorite sofa, Müvet allows you to track your item using Müvet history which is located in the menu bar on your left in the mobile app.

How To Müvet


Download our app and describe your move!


Submit Müvet request.
Müvet is on their way!

Sit Back

Sit back...
And track if you want!


Rate your Müves.
Pay and Tip.

Ways To Müvet

Müvet is On-Demand, 24/7, and Convenient. There are many ways to use Müvet, & our drivers are friendly, certified, and background checked independent contractors!

In-Store Purchase

In-Store Purchase

Just bought that awesome TV or couch you’ve wanted, but can't fit it in your car? Download Müvet right now and get it delivered straight to your house today.

Craigslist Move

Craigslist Move

Look at that, you’ve just found the mother of all deals on the perfect chaise sofa for your living room! But, you have no way to pick it up and get it to your house? No worries friend, Müvet was built just for you.

Müvet™ Junk

Müvet Junk

Hey everyone's got junk right? Download Müvet and let us take care of that, while you sit back and relax!

Müvet™ Donation

Müvet Donation

If you have something to donate it to a thrift shop or charity, but don’t have the time or space to haul it - we've got that big heart of yours covered!

Labor Only

Labor Only

Why risk a hernia when we're just around the corner? Müvet has your back with our labor only option.

Apt 2 ADT

Apt 2 Apt

Moving can be such a pain, especially when moving companies are charging what seems like literally an arm. We get it - that's why we built Müvet. It's affordable and convenient! You can take care of the small stuff while a Müvet driver takes care of your bigger items.

MÜVET has a minimum fee of $30. After that at is formulated based on how many items you are moving, how many miles it takes to complete the move, how much time it takes from pick up to drop off, and a small successful delivery fee. When you make a MÜVET request you will receive an estimate so you can make the best choice for you!

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We are partnering with companies for Business to Business moves and Business to Consumer moves. Interested in improving production, logistics and customer service? Join Muvet as a partner and get things moving!


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